Collect Points

In this section we provide a brief guide on how to obtain InViola Points that you can use to request rewards.

Collect Points

Welcome to the InViola world, where the passion for Fiorentina translates into tangible emotions!
Our membership opens the doors to a universe of rewards and joys linked to our beloved colors. Curious to know how to accumulate InViola points? Here's everything you need to know!

InViola points are like little treasures that you can collect easily.
Just sign up for the membership and the fun begins!
Take a look at the Rewards Catalogue, where Fiorentina has prepared special surprises just for you.

And now, how do you earn those precious points? The answer is in your hands, literally! Take a look around: you will see the shops with the unmistakable "Punto InViola" window sticker.
Every time you shop at one of these affiliated stores, InViola points begin to accumulate. An expense, a growth of emotions!

We have prepared a world of opportunities for you.

Shops of all kinds, services of all kinds: everything helps to bring you closer to the prizes of your dreams. Consult the Map to find the nearest store or discover new activities to explore.

But there's more!

Active participation rewards you further. Take quizzes, play fun games, share your opinions through polls.

Every action counts and every point collected is one step closer to the reward you crave.
InViola is more than a membership, it's an exciting journey towards reward!

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