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Ongoing user data consolidation activities

Dear INVIOLA enthusiast,

We would like to inform you that ACF Fiorentina has long since initiated an important project aimed at improving the digital experience of our fans. In this process it is essential to consolidate the data of its users, unifying the cards issued over the years from different sources. Once finished, fans will have simplified access to all team-related information and opportunities.

During this normalization phase, some difficulties may arise, especially regarding registration with existing cards. Therefore, we trust in your understanding at this key time for our INVIOLA community.

Of course, membership in the InViola memebership is totalemnte free, and with your membership you will receive a "virtual card" on which all your activities and accomulated points will be recorded.


InViola members fall into two categories:

— The InViola Premium Card holder: the passionate fan who wants to take advantage of all ticket offers to follow the team home or away. For him, there is only Fiorentina.

— The InViola Virtual Card holder: the fan who follows Fiorentina in all its online activities. He collects points and participates in games and surveys.

For full details on InViola Cards see also the specific page: INVIOLA CARDS

Register for free and you will immediately receive a Virtual Card that will allow you to participate in some of the membership initiatives.

You can then convert it to an InViola Premium if you want to unlock ticket offers and promos or if you want to follow Fiorentina on the road.

Use it now to register, in addition to having access to all ticketing offers you can participate in all InViola activities and have exclusive access to events and experiences.

If you don't already have InViola Premium you can subscribe online from the official website or at the Fiorentina Point.

You will be able to accomulate points by making purchases or specific actions at all participating stores you find in the appropriate section of the website.

You will also be able to recognize participating stores by the window sticker displayed only by InViola merchants.
Each store will credit an amount of InViola points to your account upon spending.

In addition to collecting points by making your purchases in the network of participating stores, Fiorentina offers you the chance to earn extra points by participating in games, surveys and online contests..

From your InViola profile you can browse the Rewards Catalog, here you can select the product you prefer. You will receive it at home according to your instructions.

No, the card does not currently have an expiration date, but may be included in the future.

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